Important Information

Hopefully, you all had a nice summer.  Getting the children ready to go back to school and getting control of the hectic schedule is a job in itself.  There is really little time left for other events!

We on the HOA Board ask you to please mark your calendar for the October 2, 2019 Annual HOA meeting at 7pm.  This meeting is important to you as a homeowner.  The Board needs to hear of any issues and concerns you may have about our neighborhood.  Also, it is the time to vote on and add members to your Board.  New members with fresh ideas are extremely important to the vitality and continuous development of our neighborhood.

The required sewer repair project is moving forward.  An attorney has been selected to represent the four communities (Timber Ridge 1, 2,3 and Strawtown Farms).  He is reviewing the requirements from the town and a contract from the etown and a contract from a contractor that is willing to share the cost of this project.  The attorney has been hired to ensure that we homeowners are adequately protected in this costly project.  The Board will be discussing how our share of the expenses will be paid for.

The Board has authorized several Fall projects to enhance our neighborhood.

The Board has voted on issues we believe will maintain continuity as well as update our neighborhood, by approving the use of better quality materials on our homes, such as modern roof shingles and front entry doors.

The Board is hoping to continue this advancement but cannot do so without your help.  Presently, there are only 3 Board members making all the decisions affecting our community of 121 homes.  This meeting should be as important to your as a parent-teacher meeting because it will have a direct impact on your family and our community.

Please attend.

Thank you,

Your Board of Directions