Important TR III Information

At this time, I hope all our neighbors and their families are healthy and following the State guidelines for Coronavirus-19. 

The Board of Timber Ridge III has been meeting via telephone conferencing each month since the outbreak.  We will continue to meet this way until it is safe to have open meetings again.

Please feel free to contact Archway Management if you have any concerns about our neighborhood or issues that need to be addressed.  If you have not joined the Timber Ridge III website, please do so.

The Board has been working on two issues that should have a positive effect on our development.

1.  Timber Ridge III is in the process of contracting with MJS Engineering Co. to conduct an engineering study and provide a report on our storm drains and storm pipes, new roads and curbing.  There presently is no date set to start this massive project.  Before we go forward with any construction, we will be reviewing the engineering report.

2.  The sewer project that has been discussed for months is now moving forward WITHOUT a private investor.  This project will be funded by the four phases of Timber Ridge.  The project cost will be roughly $124,000.00 plus attorney fees.  This will be split among the four phases by percentage of housing in each development.  Our percentage is 26%, which is a cost factor of around $30,000.00 to $35,000.00, based on the extent of our development's needed repairs.  The Board has voted to fund the cost of the project up to $35,000.00 WITHOUT any assessment to the homeowners.  If for any reason the ultimate cost exceeds this amount, the Board will evaluate whether to fund the additional cost or levy an assessment.  Presently, our attorney is preparing contractual agreements with all necessary parties involved in this project.  Updates to follow as they develop.

Stay safe, follow CDC recommendations and report any property issues to Archway Management.

Thank you,

Board of Directors